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Common Service Terms In Baltimore, MD

Common Service Terms In Baltimore, MD

Common Auto Service Term Glossary

If you don’t know much about cars but you want to have a working knowledge of how yours works, here’s a brief overview of some common terms you’ll hear when servicing your vehicle.


Aftermarket: Generic-brand vehicle parts that may be used to repair or modify a vehicle by the owner or third party.

Automatic: A transmission that does not require the driver to shift gears, as the transmission shifts them automatically.

Body: The outer panels of a vehicle.

Diesel: A vehicle with an engine that uses diesel fuel and compression ignition.

Drivetrain: What kind of drive system the vehicle uses - front-, rear-, four-, or all-wheel drive.

Factory-installed: Any parts that were installed by the manufacturer as opposed to an owner or third party.

Gasoline: A vehicle that uses gasoline as fuel for an internal combustion engine.

Ground Clearance: Space between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground.

Horsepower: A unit of measuring the power output of an engine, originally used by steam locomotives to compare to the strength of draft horses.

Lemon: Typically a used vehicle that has no apparent flaws, but has many severe defects or damages under the surface.

OEM: Stands for “original equipment manufacturer;” OEM parts are preferred to aftermarket parts due to the fact they’re tailor-made for their particular type of vehicle.



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