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Service Milestones In Glen Burnie, MD


Service Milestones for Your Car

Keeping your car up and running is an obvious part of vehicle ownership. Most owner’s manuals provide a manufacturer-suggested service schedule that provides all of the service milestones for your car. Some used vehicles may not have an owner’s manual and buying one can be expensive. Here’s a general guide to service milestones for your car so you can keep your vehicle operating at peak performance for years to come.


Weekly maintenance may sound like a hassle but, in reality, it only takes a few minutes. Start by walking around your vehicle checking your tire pressure and condition. Then, move to under the hood to check the engine oil and windshield washer fluid levels. Finally, start the car to check for any dashboard warning lights then check to make sure both the headlights and taillights are working properly.

Three months/3,000-miles

In addition to weekly maintenance, vehicle owners should inspect their battery, cables, belts, hoses, and exhaust. Now would be a good time to check out the engine air filter, automatic transmission fluid, and power steering fluid, just to be safe.

Six months/6,000 miles

Install a new set of wiper blades and check your chassis lubrication in addition to the previous items.

Nine months/9,000 miles

All items from the three-month/3,000-mile milestone should be attended to for the nine-month/9,000-mile milestone as well.

12 months/12,000 miles

Having your car professionally inspected annually isn’t a bad idea and offers the reassurance that you didn’t miss anything personally.

Regardless, make sure to inspect all of the previous items as well as the braking system, namely the brake pads, and wheel alignment. Pay close attention to the antifreeze and cabin air filter.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for any potential problems throughout the year as well. Dedicated drivers can do a walk-around their vehicle prior each time they plan on driving to ensure any problem is spotted and attended to as soon as possible.

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